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Iroquois Nationals Passport/Visa Issue

Media List:

The media listed below represent the major articles, videos, and audio recordings of the over 2300 listed on Google News regarding the Iroquois Nationals. These were created by international news media between July 8 and July 19th, 2010. They are found in chronological order, with alphabetical order by day. Stories are included without any analysis of content, pro or against, although the against are few and far between. Our list was compiled by Lindsay Speer.

July 8

Gale Courey Toensing, “Iroquois Nationals’ tournament departure delayed by travel snafu,” Indian Country Today, July 8, 2010,

July 10

Fernando Alfonso III, “Passport dispute halts Iroquois lacrosse team’s trip to world competition in England |,” Syracuse Post-Standard (Syracuse, NY, July 10, 2010),

July 11

Iroquois Nationals, “Media Release 7.11.2010,” July 11, 2010,

July 12

2010 World Lacrosse Championships, “Immigration Cowboys refuse entry to Iroquois nations…,” FIL 2010 World Lacrosse, July 12, 2010, .

Barry Paddock, “Iroquois lacrosse team banned from flying overseas: U.S. refuses to recognize tribe-issued passports,” New York Daily News (New York, NY, July 12, 2010),

Dave Levy, “UPDATE: England and U.S. to Iroquois Nation: Sure, You Created Lacrosse, But Your Passports Suck,” SportsGrid: Behind the Grid, July 12, 2010,

EVA DOU and VERENA DOBNIK, “US rule could keep Iroquois from lacrosse tourney,” – Tulsa, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports – | (Tulsa, OK: KOTV, July 12, 2010),

ICC, “Iroquois Nationals Lacrosse team delayed for World Games by Homeland Security passport fiasco,” News, News From Indian Country, July 12, 2010,

Thomas Kaplan, “U.S. Rules May Bar Iroquois From Lacrosse Event,” The New York Times, July 12, 2010, sec. U.S.,

LAX Power, “Iroquois Nationals’ travel to world cup still in jeopardy,” Lacrosse News, July 12, 2010,

MSNBC, “Stuck in NYC: US Govt. won’t recognize native american passports” (MSNBC, July 12, 2010),

Oren Lyons, “‘When we win, you win’,” LTE on Indian Country Today, July 12, 2010,

Robert Siegel, “U.S. Rule Could Keep Iroquois From Lacrosse Event,” All Things Considered (NPR, July 12, 2010),

staff reports, “Passport Controversy Puts Iroquois on Hold,” Lacrosse Magazine, July 12, 2010,

Steven Newcomb, “The Haudenosaunee ‘right of return’,” Indian Country Today, July 12, 2010,

Troy Nunes, “Because If There’s Anything Native Americans Love To Do, It’s Rely On English & American Governments,” Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician, July 12, 2010,

“Sudbury Against War and Occupation,” July 12, 2010,

July 13

Gale Courey Toensing, “Obama administration may thwart Iroquois Nationals’ tournament travel | Indian Country Today | Archive,” Indian Country Today, July 13, 2010,

Garry McKay, “Iroquois lacrosse team caught in political crossfire,” Hamilton Spectator, July 13, 2010,

Jim Kenyon, “Iroquois lax players turned away over passport dispute : News : WSTM NBC3,” TV Broadcast, evening news (Syracuse, NY: WSTM NBC3, July 13, 2010),

John Wetenhall, “Passport Snafu Leaves Iroquois Lacrosse Team Stranded – ABC News” (ABC News, July 13, 2010),

Thomas Kaplan, “Iroquois Team Turned Away From Flight by Passport Dispute,” The New York Times, July 13, 2010, sec. U.S.,

Kristen Hamill, “Identity, federal policy clash for Iroquois lacrosse team –” (New York, NY: CNN, July 13, 2010),

Kristen Hamill, “Iroquois lacrosse team still caught in bureaucratic net” (CNN, July 13, 2010),

Nando Di Fino, “LeBron James Decision Continues to Reverberate – The Daily Fix – WSJ,” The Daily Fix – Wall Street Journal, July 13, 2010,

Samantha Gross, “Iroquois lacrosse team hoping for ID resolution,” Associated Press Newsfeed, July 13, 2010,

Tom Whitehead, “Visa row for Native American lacrosse team,” Telegraph (UK, July 13, 2010), Morning edition,

Verna Dobnik and Eva Dou, “US rule could keep Iroquois from lacrosse tourney,” Associated Press Newsfeed (New York, NY, July 13, 2010),

“Iroquois lacrosse team hoping for ID resolution – Yahoo! News,” July 13, 2010,

“Iroquois lacrosse team passport debate” (YNN, Your News Now, July 13, 2010),

July 14

AFP, “US allows Iroquois lacrosse team to travel: team,” AFP, July 14, 2010,

AP, “Iroquois: US to allow lacrosse team to travel” (NewsChannel 9 WSYR, July 14, 2010),

Bill Carey, “Iroquois lacrosse team still waiting for visas,” Your News Now (YNN – Time Warner Cable Channel 10, July 14, 2010),

Charles McChesney, “Iroquois Nation passports have worked for years, attorney says,” Syracuse Post-Standard (Syracuse, NY, July 14, 2010),

Cora Lewis, “U.S. Allows Iroquois Lacrosse Team to Travel, UK Refuses,” The New York Observer (New York, NY, July 14, 2010),

CSPAN?, YouTube – Maffei Speech on Iroquois National Lacrosse Team, YouTube, 2010,

Doug Stanglin, “U.S. OKs lacrosse team using Iroquois passports to travel abroad -,” USA Today, July 14, 2010,

Wil Haygood, “Iroquois Nationals lacrosse team asks White House to honor sovereign passports,” The Washington Post, July 14, 2010,

Josh Boose, “Iroquois Nationals Lacrosse Team Still Waiting Over Passport Dilemma” (Buffalo, NY: WGRZ, July 14, 2010),

Thomas Kaplan, “England Again Says Lacrosse Team Cannot Enter,” The New York Times, July 14, 2010, sec. Sports,

Kenneth R. Bazinet, “Hillary Tries to Free Iroquois Laxmen (Update),” NY Daily News, July 14, 2010, sec. Mouth of the Potomac – by the Washington Bureau,

Mike McAndrew, “US agrees to let U.S. born members of Iroquois Nationals travel to world lacrosse championship on Haudenosaunee passports,” Syracuse Post-Standard, July 14, 2010,

Mike McAndrew, Iroquois Nationals team stuck in New York another day despite US waivers on passport dispute | (, 2010),

QMI Agency, “Stranded lacrosse team sticks together | Canada | News | Toronto Sun,” Toronto Sun (Toronto, Ontario, July 14, 2010),

Rachel Barnhart, “Iroquois Nationals Still Delayed in New York City,” online video, evening news (WHAM ABC 13 Rochester, July 14, 2010),

Samantha Gross, “The Associated Press: Iroquois: US to allow lacrosse team to travel,” Associated Press (New York, NY, July 14, 2010),

Samantha Gross, “The Associated Press: Iroquois lacrosse team awaiting word in ID dispute,” Associated Press (New York, July 14, 2010),

Samantha Gross, “US clears Iroquois lacrosse team to travel to UK, but team still awaits visas, can’t fly,” Newser, July 14, 2010, Online edition,

Terrine Friday, “Lacross team’s Iroquois passports deemed insufficient,” National Post (Canada, July 14, 2010),

UK Globe and Mail, “U.S.-born lacrosse players cleared to fly on Iroquois passports,” Globe and Mail (Canada, July 14, 2010), sec. Americas,

Valerie Taliman, “Iroquois Nationals still waiting for British officals to review applications for entry | Mother Earth Journal,” Mother Earth Journal, July 14, 2010,

web staff, “One hurdle cleared for lacrosse team -” (Syracuse, NY: YNN, Your News Now, July 14, 2010),

“Iroquois Lacrosse Nationals Controversy,” News, Weather and Sports for Chattanooga and the Tennessee Valley (TN: WDEF News 12, July 14, 2010),

July 15

Associated Press, “Iroquois lacrosse team defaults on 1st UK game,” July 15, 2010,

Katie Baker, “The Iroquois Nationals’ Long Nightmare Is Almost Over,” Deadspin (NY, July 15, 2010), Online edition,

Brenda Norrell, “The Winners: Iroquois Nationals Lacrosse Team,” CENSORED NEWS, July 15, 2010,

Clare Lochary, “Games Go On: Germany Replaces Iroquois,” Lacrosse Magazine :: A Publication of US Lacrosse, July 15, 2010,

Dan Duray, “James Cameron on His Iroquois Lax Support: ‘We All Want to See Them Play’ | The New York Observer,” New York Observer, July 15, 2010, sec. Daily Transom,

Ewen MacAskill, “Iroquois lacrosse team cleared to travel by America – then blocked by Britain,” The Guardian (UK, July 15, 2010), sec. World News,

Gene Tinelli, “Iroquois passport denial oppressive,” July 15, 2010,

Neil Goulding, “2010 FIL World Championship Press Statement,” Official webpage of the FIL World Championship, Lacrosse, July 15, 2010,

Joanna Smith, “Six Nations passport more than travel document, say users –,” Toronto Star (Ottawa, Ontario, July 15, 2010),–six-nations-passport-more-than-travel-document-say-users.

John Mariani, “Iroquois Nationals still plan to play, despite what British paper says |,” Syracuse Post-Standard, July 15, 2010,

Jon Rosenberg, Indians grounded, YouTube, Daily News (NY Daily News, 2010),

Thomas Kaplan, “Passport Dispute Keeps Lacrosse Team in U.S.,” The New York Times, July 15, 2010, sec. U.S.,

Meredith MacLeod and Associated Press, “UK slams door on Iroquois lacrosse team,” Hamilton Spectator (Hamilton, Ontario, July 15, 2010), sec. Local,

Michel Martin, “Iroquois Nationals Lacrosse Team Hangs In Limbo,” Online radio, Tell Me More – NPR News (NPR, July 15, 2010),

Haley Mick, “Low-tech passports ground Iroquois lacrosse team – The Globe and Mail,” Globe and Mail (Canada, July 15, 2010),

Mike McAndrew, “Stuck in Queens, Iroquois Nationals sing, see movies to keep spirits up,” Syracuse Post-Standard (New York City, July 15, 2010),

Mike McAndrew, “As game goes on, Iroquois Nationals lacrosse team seeks Liberty |,” Syracuse Post-Standard, July 15, 2010,

National Post editorial board, “The Bloc gets it right,” National Post (Canada, July 15, 2010),

News Staff, “Passport dispute sidelines Iroquois lacrosse team,” CTV News (CTV, July 15, 2010),

Rafer Weigel, “Iroquois lacrosse team still caught in bureaucratic net,” HLN (CNN, July 15, 2010),

Samantha Gross, “The Associated Press: Iroquois lacrosse team defaults on 1st UK game,” Associated Press (New York, July 15, 2010),

Samantha Gross, “UK won’t let Iroquois lacrosse team go to tourney,” Associated Press, July 15, 2010,

“AFP: Britain denies entry to Iroquois lacrosse team,” July 15, 2010,

“Iroquois Passport Controversy 7-15-10,” Local News (Syracuse: NewsChannel 9 WSYR, July 15, 2010), " target="_blank" rel="noopener">

“UK won’t let Iroquois team into country,” You Tube, 10 o’clock news (4 WVIB TV, July 15, 2010),

“Passport Flap,” Connect with Mark Kelley (CBC, July 15, 2010),

July 16

AP, AFP, and Reuters, “Britain Refuses to Recognize Lacrosse Team’s Iroquois Passports | USA | English,” News (Voice of America, July 16, 2010),

Bob Ford, “The tangled story of the Iroquois lacrosse team,” Philadephia Inquirer, July 16, 2010, sec. Sports Columnist,

editorial, “Bureaucracy got in the way of Iroquois lacrosse dreams,” Wallaceburg Courier Press / London Free Press (London, Ontario, July 16, 2010),

Jen Chung, “Iroquois Nationals Lacrosse Team Still Stuck In NYC – Gothamist,” News, Gothamist, July 16, 2010,

Meredith MacLeod, “Iroquois still hopeful of playing in England,” Hamilton Spectator (Hamilton, Ontario, July 16, 2010), sec. Local,

Postmedia News, “Passport controversy raises Bloc Quebecois ire,” Montreal Gazette (Montreal, July 16, 2010),

The Canadian Press, “No help from Indian Affairs on Iroquois Nationals passport flap, Strahl says,” The Globe and Mail, July 16, 2010,

Theunis Bates, “British Block Iroquois Lacrosse Team’s Dream to Play in Championship in England,” AOL News, July 16, 2010,

Thomas Kaplan, “Iroquois Lacrosse Players Lose Passport Dispute With the British –,” New York Times, July 16, 2010,

Valerie Taliman, “Iroquois Nationals stance rooted in identity and sovereignty,” Indian Country Today, July 16, 2010, Online edition,

WHEC-TV, “Iroquois Nationals in conference call with British Consulate to resolve passport dispute – Local News – Rochester, NY – News –,” Online post (MSBNC / WHEC-TV, July 16, 2010),

“ – Iroquois Nationals coach: “Our window of opportunity has closed”,” July 16, 2010,

July 17

Alan Morrell, “Locals question Iroquois travel struggle -,” Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, July 17, 2010,

AP, “Iroquois Lacrosse Team Ends Bid To Go To England,” CBS News, July 17, 2010,

Carmen Chai, “Iroquois lacrosse team says it hasn’t given up fight to get to U.K. event,” Montreal Gazette (Montreal, Canada, July 17, 2010),

David B. Caruso, “Iroquois lacrosse team ends bid to go to England,” Houston Chronicle (Houston, July 17, 2010),

David B. Caruso, “Iroquois lacrosse team ends bid to go to England,” Sports- (MSNBC, July 17, 2010),

Felicia Fonseca, “Iroquois passport dispute raises sovereignty issue,” Associated Press (Flagstaff, AZ, July 17, 2010),

Jeff Glor, “Iroquois Lacrosse Bows Out,” CBS Evening News – Weekend Journal (New York: CBS, July 17, 2010),

Michelle Chen, “Grounded, Iroquois Lacrosse Team Bows Out but Upholds Dignity – COLORLINES,” Colorlines, July 17, 2010,

Ollie Williams, “Politics and pride at the World Lacrosse,” BBC Sport – Ollie Williams’s Blog, July 17, 2010,

Ollie Williams, Lacrosse tournament begins without Iroquois stars, Online video (Manchester, England: BBC Sport, 2010),

“Iroquois Nationals Finally Give up Diplomatic Fight,” LAX Power – Lacrosse News, July 17, 2010,

July 18

CNY Central Staff, “Iroquois lacrosse team back home,” Morning News (Syracuse, NY: NBC3, July 18, 2010),

Kendra Eaglin, “Lacrosse Team: “They’re Trying To Stop Our Sovereignty”,” Local News (Buffalo, NY: WKBW News 7, July 18, 2010),

Kendra Eaglin, “More Teammates React To Passport Fiasco,” Local News (Buffalo, NY: WKBW News 7, July 18, 2010),

web staff, “Iroquois Nationals Lacrosse Team returns home – YNN, Your News Now” (Syracuse, NY: YNN – Time Warner Cable Channel 10, July 18, 2010),

WSYR-TV, “Update: Iroquois Nationals Lacrosse Team returns home,” News (Syracuse, NY: WSYR-TV, July 18, 2010),

July 19

Ernst Lamothe Jr., Bennett J. Loudon, and Associated Press, “Iroquois sovereignty at heart of passport imbroglio –,” Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, July 19, 2010,

Jeremy Grimaldi, “Passports land team in trouble,” The Hamilton Spectator (Hamilton, Ontario, July 19, 2010), sec. Local,

Oren Lyons, “England says ‘no’ to Iroquois Nationals on travel waiver,” Indian Country Today, July 19, 2010,

S.L. Price, “Pride of a Nation,” Sports Illustrated, July 19, 2010,

“Gillibrand Asks Secretary Of State To Develop Internationally-Recognized Travel Documents,” Press Releases,, July 19, 2010,